Goudsmit Eddy Current Metal SeparatorGoudsmit Eddy Current Metal Separator

Goudsmit Eddy Current Metal Separator

Eddy current separators remove non-ferrous metal particles, such as copper and aluminium, in a continuous process. For the recovery (recycling) or removal of metals.

Blower – 1.5 KwBlower – 1.5 Kw

Blower – 1.5 Kw

Sound Proofed Blower
1.5 kw motor
700mm x 700mm
900mm height
150mm feedin & out pipe

Blower – 7.5 KwBlower – 7.5 Kw

Blower – 7.5 Kw

Portable blower
Mounted on wheels
7.5 kw motor
1219.2mm height (4ft)
70mm feedin & out pipe