Wood Recycling Granulators

These machines are ideal for all types of wood, pallets, timber, ply, MDF, waste to name but a few.


Blackfriars 62-52 GranulatorBlackfriars 62-52 Granulator

Blackfriars 62-52 Granulator

Throat: 600 x 500mm
Drive: 37Kw
Rotor Blades: 6
Stator Blades: 4
Bag Stand,
Sound Proofed
Motorised Screen Cradle

Shini SG 5060 GranulatorShini SG 5060 Granulator

Shini SG 5060 Granulator

Throat: 500 x 600mm
Drive: 37Kw
Rotor Blades: 3
Stator Blades: 3
Sound Proofed
Open Rotor
12mm Screen

Kween B 800/600 GranulatorKween B 800/600 Granulator

Kween B 800/600 Granulator

Throat: 800 x 600mm
Drive: 45kw new motor
Heavy Duty Open Rotor
Rotor Blades: 6
Stator Blades: 6
12mm Screen
Large Powerful Machine.


Zerma GSC 600/500 GranulatorZerma GSC 600/500 Granulator

Zerma GSC 600/500 Granulator

Available as full setup, including: Conveyor, Granulator, Blower, Bag Stand & Cyclone.

Throat: 500 x 600mm
Drive: 37Kw
Rotor Blades: 6 (3 rows of 2)
Stator Blades: 2
Sound Proofed
Heavy Duty/Open Rotor
8mm screen
Sound Proofed Blower

Tria 60-35 GranulatorTria 60-35 Granulator

Tria 60-35 Granulator

Extremely Quiet Machine
Throat: 600 x 350mm
25Kw Drive
6 Rotor Blades
4 Stator Blades
Open Rotor
10mm Screen
Sound Proofed
Blower – Sound Proofed
Water Cooling Facility

DGH 700/1000 GranulatorDGH 700/1000 Granulator

DGH 700/1000 Granulator

Throat: 700 x 1000mm
Drive: 90kw Marathon new motor
Solid Rotor
Rotor Blades: 7 rows of 2
Stator Blades: 2
Blower: 11Kw heavy duty
Cyclone: 800 unit
Twin baging unit